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A minimalistic HTML document manipulation and traversal javascript library

npm install domini --save-dev

..or directly:

<script src=""></script>

Node Manipulation

// Find a node and change class & CSS
"marginLeft": "10px",
"opacity": 0.5

// Remove a node && add new
if ( $('body').hasClass('rtl') ) {
$('button').last().remove(); // remove last button
$('body').append('<div>'); // add a new div to body

Ajax & Event listeners

$('button').on('click', function(){
url: "http://localhost:3000",
data: {
options: $('form').serialize();
success: function(response){

Small & Simple

DoMini is a tiny ES6 javascript library with the powerful jQuery syntax. Only ~15kB in size, minimal overhead to your project.

Many Features

By default the animate, highlight, xhttp (ajax), serialize, viewportmodules are included.

Open Source

You can download, modify and even contribute to the code if you want to!

Why DoMini?

DoMini aims at using the latest ES6 features available for modern web browsers - reducing the output file size significantly. The subset of features suits projects where older browser compatibility is not an issue and some basic DOM features are sufficient.

DoMini core syntax is mostly identical to jQuery with reduced featureset. Using the well known functions like .each() .data() .css() etc.. are all present in DoMini as well, so migrating existing projects is less painful.

How does DoMini compare to jQuery?

DoMini is not a replacement for jQuery by any means. jQuery is far superior in features and browser compatibility. DoMini only implements the most commonly used subset of functions to make DOM manipulation easier.