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Plugins are the best way to extend DoMini features. Check out the best practices below on how to create individual plugins.

Plugin via constructor

The DoMini.fn attribute acts as the DoMini object constructor. Adding attributes to the DoMini.fn constructor will automatically extend the DoMini object.

(function ($) {
$.fn.myPlugin = function() {
* Do your stuff here

// To perserve chaining return this
return this;

// The constructor is now extended with .myPlugin(..)

Plugin via the DoMini._fn.plugin() utility method

You can also declare a plugin via the DoMini._fn.plugin(plugin_name, plugin_object) method.

_fn.plugin( String plugin_name, Object plugin_object )

This method will automatically:

  • Extend the DoMini.fn constructor with the plugin_name attribute
  • Calling the method will create a new object from the plugin_object constructor
  • After creating the new object the object.init() method is automatically called
var myPlugin = {
// Required
init: function(options, element) {
// This is automatically executed on creation
method1: function() {},
method2: function() {}
DoMini._fn.plugin('myPlugin', myPlugin);

var options = {
option1: 1,
option2: "123"